Professional Communication

General English and Business Conversation Mix

Professional Communication is the ideal English program for today’s professionals. This unique program combines the latest in General English material and techniques with business conversation classes added throughout the program. It helps students raise their English level in a dynamic and communicative way, while giving them the ability to operate in English in a business environment.

The Professional Communication program is structured to include 9 short modules. Each one uses highly conversational methodology focused on increasing students’ communicative abilities, while also improving their grammatical precision and listening skills. The business conversation sessions included throughout the course help students improve their fluency using vocabulary and phrases specifically focused on the corporate environment.

Key Components

Short Modules

Help your employees rapidly progress through their English training with short 66 hour modules that have clear objectives and measurable competencies. This is the most agile and dynamic training option available.
Integration of Business Sessions
The Professional Communication program includes the best of both worlds: General English, to improve students’ English level in an enjoyable and integrated way, and business conversation classes, all of which makes this the most complete English program in Peru.
Latest Materials

Professional Communication is structured using a balance of English content from the latest editions of the best available English learning material from Oxford University Press. The material used includes modern mobile applications and a wealth of audio and video resources.

English Levels

Professional Communication

Business Links has 4 levels of study, divided into 9 modules of short duration. Each student is placed in their corresponding module after a personal evaluation which measures their written and oral ability through an interview with an expert native speaking evaluator.


The foundation for successful English learning. The PC1 module, also known as the True Beginner module, is ideal for students that have no knowledge of the language. PC2 (Elementary) allows students that have had previous basic contact with the language and remember some of it.

Intermediate I

This is the first step towards structures of greater complexity, going further than past, present and future and allowing for a wider range of competencies in various types of interactions.

Intermediate II

The second step in the Intermediate level is ideal for students who are competent in the language in familiar and less familiar situations and can operate easily in a work setting but need to acquire more fluency and confidence.


Takes you beyond a competent level of English, that allows students to reach their most ambitious objectives in the language.