Corporate Package

Business Links works with your training manager to provide an integrated service of academic excellence, program management and performance controls. Our quality control system and the tools we provide to measure program performance helps ensure that students finish the program with their objectives achieved.

The corporative training package includes:
Initial Evaluations

These are done by qualified native-English speakers, in the client’s own offices, and are given free of charge if the client decides to acquire our training program. We determine the level and English abilities of each individual and where he can be placed in the program. The training manager receives a full report on the results and is advised on how to form groups and develop training solutions focused on individual or group needs.
Specialized Program

We can put together a specialized academic program that allows for the inclusion of vocabulary and expressions relevant to the social and work environment of the students. These programs can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients.
Development of Specific Competencies

Business Links works with academic materials compatible with the CEF (Common European Framework) and uses it to measure students’ English abilities. This Continuous Performance Measurement allows us to track a student’s progress and their ability to use English in different situations.
Monthly Reports

Training managers receive monthly reports detailing each student’s progress, including their participation, attendance, punctuality, homework, and exams taken.
Variety of Schedules

We establish fixed regular schedules with the possibility of changing them throughout the course should the need arise to ensure student attendance and participation. We also provide the ability to cancel 3 classes a month with a day’s notice without charge.

Only Business Links has periodic prize-givings for students who show outstanding progress, effort and dedication throughout the course. This promotes a high degree of student motivation to participate and complete the course.
Account Executive

Your organization will be assigned its own account executive who will manage the program and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Through regular surveys she will monitor class quality and student satisfaction, resolving any issues that arise, and providing rapid and efficient customer service to ensure maximum satisfaction with the program.
Standardized Periodic Exams

Our structured exam system evaluates student ability at the middle and the end of each module. An independent native-English speaking expert from our Academic Department, not the teacher, marks each exam personally to ensure an objective quality standard across every program.
Continuous Surveys and Supervisions

Business Links continuously monitors student satisfaction through personalized surveys, phone calls and emails, allowing us to quickly take corrective measures as needed and ensuring a high level of student satisfaction throughout the program. We communicate all results to the training manager to keep him informed about the state of the program and the level of satisfaction of his colleagues.