Quality Assurance

Business Links is led by qualified and certified native directors, specializing in teaching English to adults. Our Academic Department includes other native-English speaking experts highly committed to the quality of the courses they offer.

All Business Links teachers pass through a strict selection process, as well as an intensive training program that helps them acquire the modern teaching techniques and highly communicative methodology Business Links uses in its classes. The Academic Department ensures teaching quality through academic controls, student feedback, teacher mentoring and continuous teacher training.

Characteristics of Our Method

Business Links uses a highly communicative methodology that gets students using English from the first class. Only English is used in the classroom with the objective that students can think in English and be able to put what they have learned into practice as soon as they step out of the classroom. The main program – Professional Communication – includes business conversation classes, and there is an emphasis on pronunciation, and speaking and listening to help students express themselves in English and understand others in real situations.

The language is learned in its entirety through communicative activities and speaking and listening exercises.

It is through communicative activities such as conversational exercises, pair and group work, simulations of real situations (telephone calls, negotiations, presentations, etc.) that students acquire the confidence and fluency needed to use the language.

What makes Business Links stand above the competition?

Exclusive Communicative Material

Business Links not only trains its teachers in its own specialized methodology, it also provides them with specially enhanced teacher’s books which include a wealth of additional material developed exclusively for our students by our academic experts. This ensures that classes are 100% more dynamic and interactive, and not solely reliant on the activities in the student book.

Highly Specialized Teacher Training

Business Links provides a teacher training course for all new teachers taught by CELTA specialists to assure the highest quality teaching standard for all our students.

Communicative Classes Geared Towards Fluency and Confidence

The Business Links method is highly dynamic and is geared towards developing conversational abilities through multiple Speaking and Listening exercises. The main objective is for students to communicate with fluency and confidence in work and social settings.